Southern California Rental Housing Association TEAM

The Staff

of the Southern California Rental Housing Association

While the member volunteers are the heart of the Association, our dedicated staff works behind the scenes to meet the needs of our members.

Main Office Line: 858.278.8070

​Alan Pentico, CAE  |  Executive Director
p: 858.278.8070

​Kim Zebroski  |  Office Manager
p: 858.751.2220

Molly Kirkland  |  Director of Public Affairs/Operational Advice
p: 858.751.2200

Olivia Galvez  |  Director of Business Operations/Operational Advice
p: 858.751.2217​

Lorna R. Kindred  |  Education Manager
p: 858.751.2219

Mike Nagy  |  Public Affairs Manager
p: 858.751.2214

​Lindsey Lee  |  Marketing Coordinator
p: 858.751.2218

Tanya Sprague |  Membership Sales Representative
p: 858.751.2208

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