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for Rental Housing in Southern California

The mission of the Southern California Rental Housing Association Public Affairs Department is to protect the interests of rental property owners and managers while promoting the advantages of rental housing to the community.

The public affairs activities of the Association have a direct impact on the bottom line of rental property owners throughout the region. By working as a group, we have been able to shorten eviction delay procedures, defeat proposals that would increase trash and sewer rates, and protect property owners from tax increases and lawsuits.

2020 Voter Guide

To learn more about the candidate endorsements and SCRHA positions for the upcoming election, please refer to our Voter Guide.

Action Committees

Make a positive impact on the rental housing industry with a contribution to our non-profit, non-partisan action committee.

Operational Advice Whitepapers

Gain a deeper understanding of the rental housing industry with our operational advice.

Federal Issues

We represent the interests of our members on a federal level through our affiliation with the National Apartment Association.

Housing Supply Crisis

The housing supply crisis in Southern California is best addressed through new development, not rent control and legislation.

Your Voice Matters

Reaching Out

Southern California Rental Housing Association is the trusted advocate representing the rental housing industry. However, we can’t do it alone. We often call on our members to voice their concerns directly with elected officials and offer the following resources to help you reach your elected representatives.

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San Diego County Registrar of Voters

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City of San Diego Council Districts

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San Diego County Board of Supervisors

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Pending Legislation in State of California

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State Legislative Process

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Pending Federal Legislation
Find Your Senator or U.S. Representative

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Help Us Make a Difference

Joining The Advocacy Efforts of Southern California Rental Housing Association

As you know, relationships with public officials and business leaders are a critical component to having our voice heard. Become a key contact for Southern California Rental Housing Association and use your network to help the rental housing industry.

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Federal Advocacy

through NAA

Your membership to Southern California Rental Housing Association includes membership to the National Apartment Association (NAA). The Public Affairs department of the Southern California Rental Housing Association collaborates with NAA to advocate on behalf of the rental housing industry on a national level. This affiliation gives Association members access to key information and unique opportunities to share their concerns with national representatives.

Visit to learn more about federal regulation and proposed legislation being addressed by NAA.

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